Nostalgia and authenticity. These are precisely the words, but particularly their connotations, that
the creators of the Greek fashion brand Ancient Kallos placed onto the moodboard for their S/S
’23 collection. Instantly bringing to life memories and visuals encompassing the emblematic
1970s Mykonos summer composing of a collection that serves as an ode to the ultimate beauty
(kallos in Greek) of Greek summer.

A retrospective of the 1970s, when the island of Mykonos, still untouched by tourism, becomes
the hot spot destination for the bona fide bohemians of the world. The reasons simple yet
essential. On this tiny dot on the map, at this particular moment in modern history when the
foundations of liberalism were being established, Mykonos sets the scene the free thinkers to
roam the island with charming style and barefoot none the less.

It is with this effortless elegance that Anciet Kallos returns today and presents a collection that is
captivatingly captured though the photographic lens of Mara Desipris.

What is now an emblematic piece of the brand, the kaftan, adorned with the traditional
embroidery found on the bridal gown of the island Trikeri in Pileon, staying true to the Cycladic
shades of blue and white, serves as a statement piece of the resort wardrobe. On the other hand,
elaborate cord “roads” imitating the architecture of the church of Panagia Paraportiani, adorn
linen kaftans and tops, in the same quintessential shades.

Its latest pieces, which are soon to become iconic, among which the ‘Little Venice’ A-line dress, in
crisp linen, appears in a range of soothing shades of pink, white and pistachio transporting the
traditional embroidery technique known as the !kofto” from the past to the present day.

In the same nostalgic mood, cotton crochet cover-ups, inspired by the creative patterns our
grandmothers came up with, create the ultimate look worn on a sunny afternoon in Ftelia, whilst
dresses and co-ord sets made of cotton net, knitted exclusively for Ancient Kallos, bring to mind
the golden shades of Agrari, one of the most beautiful beaches in Mykonos.

And because this carefreeness implies an element of extroversion, ethereal silk-cotton dresses
embroidered with folk motifs make sensuality an integral part of the summer’s nonchalant and
laid-back attitude.
Completing the collection, a range of prints with sentimental value start a new chapter in the
history of the brand. Pencilled sketches that are then transformed into colorful prints bring to life
the atmosphere of a quintessential tavern in 1970s Mykonos, act as a reminder of why the classic
striped umbrella will always serve as a source of inspiration for elegant sundresses, whilst
capturing the concept of grecian chic style, encapsulated in an Olympic airline ticket of the time.
Selected jewellery pieces complete the collection, designed exclusively for Ancient Kallos, with
their golden tones embodying summer vitality. Impressive cuffs inspired by jewellery gifted to
women on their engagements, earrings with elements from the Folklore Museum of Mykonos,
legendary 1970s motifs that take the place of charms hung on long pendants and coin necklaces,
typically an offering of good luck and prosperity, composing a collection that “beats” to the pulse
of Greek beauty (kallos in Greek).