Ancient Kallos Resort 2022 collection, “Aeolis”, celebrates the energy of the wind and the warmth of the sun.

The location for the Resort 2022 collection is the Cycladic island of Tinos that was the homeland of Aeolus, the god of winds.
In ancient Greek history the wind represents the soul. Greek philosophers imagine the wind, to be the divine source of all things including the breath of life.

As the sun rises, we start dreaming again feeling this sense of confidence and blessing surrounding us. The refreshing Cycladic wind motivates us as we are gazing the sun.

For this season Ancient Kallos introduced a new color palette, with the bold, sun inspired amber yellow and pale colors such as lilac and aqua blue.
This pallet highlights the midnight blue and the signature crisp white of the Cycladic architecture.

The Ancient Kallos silhouettes are structured using the highest quality fabrics such as linen and silk cotton, which elegantly embrace every majestic curve.

The Collection is identified by a series of the iconic cut-embroidered linen pieces, that come in different shapes and colors.
Whilst most of the garments are embellished with rich embroideries, sourced by the Greek Heritage, the lines are defined by simplicity and elegance.

Ancient Kallos Team