Ancient Kallos through the anniversary collection 1821, "Bouboulina",praises and is inspired by the dynamic figure of the Greek heroine Bouboulina and in her face honors the feminine power and instinct. 

The inspiration for our designs is mainly the traditional costume of Bouboulina, with the characteristic white neckline and the emphasis on the waist. Nevertheless, the male figures of the revolution are also an important source of inspiration for this collection. 

Moreover, the traditional ‘’Phareo’’ Hat with its flame red color and its characteristic black long tassel, the ‘’Foustanela’’ given in its feminine version and the ‘’Fermeli’’ Vest with its traditional gold embroideries are our favourite themes.

Our ‘’Bouboulina’’ Collection is dedicated to all the modern women around the world that love to wear clothes with DNA.


Ancient Kallos team

Bouboulina 1821 Collection


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