The season of 2021 is dedicated to the anniversary of the historical year of 1821.
As a sequence of our previous Bouboulina Capsule Collection, Ancient Kallos is inspired by the Greek Heroine,
Bouboulina and the costumes of that era.

The embroideries of the Evzones costume can easily be recognized on the sleeves of Merino wool coats.
Rich embroidered cords of Fermeli, the vest of the Evzones, adorn sweaters in bright colors.

Vests made of Virgin Wool with embroideries of Seguna, the sleeveless traditional coat of Epirus region,
along with rich pleats on wide sleeves, inspired by the traditional Foustanela, are the elements of a special and atmospheric Collection.

The AW ’22 Collection is successfully framed by handmade jewelry, inspired by the Greek Tradition, exclusively handmade for Ancient Kallos.
Finally, as a result of a traditional handmade process on ancient Greek wooden loom,
we present our unique scarves and impressive motifs on bags, especially created for Ancient Kallos.

Ancient Kallos Team