Ancient Kallos opens the chapter of “AIGAI” and its new capsule collection A/W ‘23/‘24 opens its doors to the discovery of the important history, life and culture of the royal Macedonian metropolis.

Inspired by the impressive collection on display at the Museum of Aigai, Ancient Kallos transfers the statuesque silhouettes of ceramic figurines from the Museum’s collection onto the fabric, whilst hand-sketched outlines of the figurines in black ink conquer the white cotton poplins. Sometimes in the form of tiered dresses and others as elegant one-shoulder tops or pleated blouses, these printed creations become the wow pieces of the collection.

The golden olive wreath, seen in the Museum of Aigai’s jewelry collection, is deconstructed and its leaves star as repeated motifs on a crepe satin relaxed pajama set or a sophisticated midi dress with gathered shoulders.

The green shade of basil and the orange of terracotta lend their grace to maxi and midi dresses that master the art of pleating -a technique closely related to ancient Greece.

Aigai-Logo jewelry collection (b)

Miniature treasure coins are transformed into impressive drop earrings, a smiling sun -possibly the forerunner of the golden star of Vergina, the emblem of the glorious Macedonian culture- becomes a pendant, the snake “wraps” around the fingers in impressive rings and the olive wreath, a symbol of victory, turns into a brooch that depicts the prosperity of the region.