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Hellas vase is our very first custom handmade piece from the Greek traditional ceramic Art. Inspired by the Greek Flag, the five blue stripes represent the letters of the word “Freedom” (Greek – Ελευθερία) Ε-ΛΕΥ-ΘΕ-ΡΙ-Α. The red splatter detail on the inside symbolizes the bloodshed by the heroes in the struggles of the revolution of 1821. The white color of the Vase symbolizes the purity of the Greek struggles. The shape of the characteristic, long, black tassel symbolizes the tear. Hellas Vase is locally made in Crete, Hellas, and exclusively designed for Ancient Kallos by the artist Alexandra Manousakis.

Height:  21 cm
Diameter: 11 cm
Weight: 1.3 kg

White clay, glaze.

Details & Care:
Hand wash. Crazing can occur.